Choosing a Fascinator

Updated: Apr 15

It can be very daunting trying to find the right head dress for that special occasion. Fascinators are now must-haves for key events like weddings, christenings and the Ascot

A fascinator is a style of millinery used to create a decorative headpiece with coloured, moulded and shaped fabrics embellished with beads, feathers, flowers, buttons etc.

There are different face shapes – round, oblong, heart-shaped, square etc. So when selecting a fascinator, you should choose one that compliments your face shape.

For a round face – identify hats or fascinators that will elongate your face. These will be fascinators with long, asymmetrical brims that slopes away from your forehead.

For an oblong face i.e. faces with a wide jawline and forehead; in order create balance, look for fascinators or pillboxes that draw the focus away from your forehead. Stay away from the mini pillbox as the size will bring attention to the wrong areas.

For heart-shaped faces i.e. faces with a wide forehead and narrow-pointed chin, most styles can be worn. However, it is the sizing that you should take into consideration. The best choice would be a medium size with an asymmetrical brim.

For square-shaped faces, fascinators that are round with flowing lines are the best option. In addition, fascinators featuring flower or feather trimmings will give a soft look.

Each of us has a 'best side' as they say, therefore knowing yours, will help you to position your fascinator.

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